Wednesday, April 19, 2017

April 19, 2017 - BJJ

Oh man, what a day. So tired.

Diego is in Abu Dhabi for the World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2017, so Conrad taught class. Mostly we reviewed two half-guard escapes/sweeps we went over with Lucio on Tuesday. Here's what it mostly looks like, except these guys don't use their top knee to make space/push the opponent away, so kinda different. What? I said I was tired. Too tired to find the right video. Deal with it.

After drills, we rolled. A lot. Rolled with Conrad, Mike Kazan, new Purple Belt John, and Pablo, a White Belt who's popped in a few times. Mostly he does Muay Thai at night. Regardless, he might be White, but he's fast and pushes a fast pace, kinda wears you down through his athleticism. 

I did fine, though I got in like three of Mike's Arm Bars (which I got out of) and got saved by the bell from John's deep, deep, deep Triangle Choke. I survived, but just barely. Saw the clock as John sank in his Triangle and just played defense, controlled my breathing, and at around 20 seconds left I knew I could last until the end of the round. My vision was starting to go gray there during the last five seconds. I guess you know you're feeling safe and determined enough that you'd risk getting choked out rather than tap. I don't mess with joint locks: Kimuras, Arm Bars, Americanas, Knee Bars, hell, I'll even tap right off the bat if I feel an Ezekiel sink in or some kind of crank. But a straight Triangle Choke? Well, let's just say, I played the clock. 

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