Monday, July 30, 2012

Mist Giant on a Video Soundtrack

Okay, so the Youtube Channel is called American Hipster, which is kinda nauseating (I do not own any skinny jeans... but yes I do ride a fixie. And have a tattoo by Grime. And have a beard. I digress), but hey, we're in the Soundtrack. Check out the video and the sweet Mist Giant tunes off the Glass Walls release at 4:25 seconds. And stop judging me.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Video: Peyote Spirit Quest, Al Lover & The Haters

Some limey bastard made a video for my band, Al Lover & The Haters, and it effin' rules!

I guess we were vibing on the right wavelength, cause a lot of the imagery, especially the early spaghetti western images, were exactly what we were going for. Or at least what I was going for. Take a gander:

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Short Story Sale: "The End" at Tales of the Zombie War

Hey, hey, hey! I sold my Clarion West Week 2 short story, "The End", to Tales of the Zombie War! And it's free! Take a read and leave a comment here, especially if you hated it. Let's get all that shit out in the open. 

This was my Second Week story last year up at Clarion West. I workshopped this with my cohort and Nancy Kress, Queen of Hard Sci-Fi. Thanks, Nancy!

On Her Iron Throne

And thanks to my Clarion West cohort, as well as my first readers/editors: Mike G., Kristina Gelardi, Dan Billo and Patrick Scott, for all the feedback and support. And finally, to Caleb Mhorkh (pronounced 'Moore') for helping me gestate this idea. (Zombie Gestation. Sounds like a death metal album.) We were at the Buckshot watching Dead Snow and throwing ideas back and forth about using Zombies as a viable form of renewable/sustainable/green energy, and one thing led to another thing that's best left unsaid. And this story was all that remained.

Thanks, all!