Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I did this:

45 mile adventure: 35 mile bike ride, 5 mile hike in, 5 mile hike out. Over Mt. Tamalpais. Starting elevation 195 feet, max elevation 1578 feet, total gain 2221 feet. 

We got a late start, Angel, Aaron and I. Ate a delicious if huge kale and mushroom omelette. We wanted to leave around 10 but didn't get going until 11:30 in the A. Aaron took us to a coffee shop and we stopped for lunch in Mill Valley before he turned back (not cause he's a wimp. He's not. He's Broyalty! But, broyalists have have dainty ankles, not really built for riding over mountains). Made a few water stops. Okay, I made a bunch of water stops, but Angel powered on, like "whatev". Coming down the coast-side of Mt. Tam into Stinson Beach: totally awesome. The last bit over the rolling hills of Bolinas, that was painful. So ready to be done. But we finished the ride and then donned our packs and hiked into Wildcat Campground by 7:45 in the P. In the dark. Total badasses.

Then it was food, whiskey, and sleep under the stars. Well, fog, really.

What can I say? It was totally awesome.