Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Too Much Tortilla

I don't remember writing this, but apparently I did, a few weeks back. So, here you go:

I know. We all encounter it. What do you do when you have too much tortilla? Well, I got a few life hacks to help you out with this common problem.

1. Plumbing

2. Make a Ball

3. Kill yourself

4. Burn it

My general rule of thumb is four life hacks, so there you have it, good strategies for when you find yourself with too much tortilla.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

April 19, 2017 - BJJ

Oh man, what a day. So tired.

Diego is in Abu Dhabi for the World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2017, so Conrad taught class. Mostly we reviewed two half-guard escapes/sweeps we went over with Lucio on Tuesday. Here's what it mostly looks like, except these guys don't use their top knee to make space/push the opponent away, so kinda different. What? I said I was tired. Too tired to find the right video. Deal with it.

After drills, we rolled. A lot. Rolled with Conrad, Mike Kazan, new Purple Belt John, and Pablo, a White Belt who's popped in a few times. Mostly he does Muay Thai at night. Regardless, he might be White, but he's fast and pushes a fast pace, kinda wears you down through his athleticism. 

I did fine, though I got in like three of Mike's Arm Bars (which I got out of) and got saved by the bell from John's deep, deep, deep Triangle Choke. I survived, but just barely. Saw the clock as John sank in his Triangle and just played defense, controlled my breathing, and at around 20 seconds left I knew I could last until the end of the round. My vision was starting to go gray there during the last five seconds. I guess you know you're feeling safe and determined enough that you'd risk getting choked out rather than tap. I don't mess with joint locks: Kimuras, Arm Bars, Americanas, Knee Bars, hell, I'll even tap right off the bat if I feel an Ezekiel sink in or some kind of crank. But a straight Triangle Choke? Well, let's just say, I played the clock. 

Been Away For a Bit

A bunch of things have gone down over the last few months and threw off my writing schedule. Some good, some bad, mostly just lifey type stuff. Things that just had to happen. So, some of this is behind the times and I've already talked about this with family/friends, but I'm just going to post up these out-of-date updates. Here we go.