Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Short Story: The Body Corporate - GigaNotoSaurus (2015)

Hey, y'all. A bit of news:

Sold a short story to GigaNotoSaurus: "The Body Corporate."

This is one of those that went around to everyone and they all "loved" it but no one wanted it. Love might be the new hate.

Luckily, someone did love it: Rashida J. Smith! An editor who put up with my many nits with a smooth grace.

This story was written in response to a friend of mine who wanted to write a story about natives vs. corporates. He pitched it to me and by the end of the discussion I had so many ideas that I had the start of my own short. So, thanks Mike. I stole your idea.

Oh, that and the "Grimly" at the end of the story was directly inspired/a riff on this terrible creature:

Malaysian Assassin Bug!