Friday, December 30, 2016

Jiu-Jitsu Diary - 4

Hey, wrote this last Thursday, but you know, with the holidays, everything is running behind. Anyhow, here's Diary Day 4:

Diego 2 taught today (last week). Another basics class, Armbar from Guard and Omoplata Submission from Guard. Seeing as how we did this twenty times each side, my legs were burning by the end of drills. Rolled against Christina, a new white belt, and Jorge Rendon, a purple belt. Christina just kept on working the whole time and despite being new, kept the pressure on and didn't give up. With that kind of work, she's going to be submitting people bigger than her in no time. And of course, Jorge totally worked me. I came in strong, rushed him, got the better of him, but, as usual, he stayed calm, worked the clock, ground out his position and ended the round with a close choke. Was a good day.

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