Monday, January 4, 2016

James Tiptree Jr

Hey, y'all! Bit of good news: seems someone cares! And I don't think it's just my mom!

I got on the recommended reading list for the James Tiptree, Jr award, for "The Body Corporate," which went up over at GigaNotoSaurus in September. An award is always cool, but what's even more cool is that I actually follow this award. I wrote my entry essay for Clarion West on Science Fiction and Gender, which ever since my friend Jef Samp lent me an anthology of androgynous-themed science fiction (it had some plucky name like Andropunk or something; I'll have to dig around) in High School I've always had an eye out for gender in science fiction. I wasn't ready for it then, in High School, kinda blew my mind, but that anthology stayed with me and I've always thought that gender and sexuality were two secret subversive weapons of Science Fiction, both in literature and in Fandom. It's something I toy with from time to time. So it'd nice someone noticed.

So, to whoever you are out there: You've got good taste.

Check out the list here.

Oh, and a Clarionmate from my year also got nominated, check out her story here.

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