Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hark! Er, Behold! New Face Tat Release, It's Your Funeral:

Hey, Hey, Hey Kiddies,

Well, it looks like we got ourselves a new batch of music from our favorite crime-fighting duo: FACE TAT!

It's Your Funeral, has dropped and you should have a listen, here.

And to make matters worse, they also released an album length video at the same time! Don't worry, it's only a three song EP, so it's not too long. Also, you don't have to stare at it the whole time. You can put it on in the background while you work or clean your toilet and dutifully ignore it while fulfilling your role as a supportive friend. Thanks, guys! Actually, on the real, I dare you to watch and not get mesmerized.

The video is pretty cool. What starts as a screen saver turns into... well, something more. It's computer graphics from 1968 I got off the Internet Archive. There's a linky on the Youtube info section. Check it out. Better yet, check it out, then buy it, then tweet it, then let the world know! Or just watch below.

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