Monday, February 11, 2013

Woman Has Orgasm In Restaurant For No Reason

You may remember the befuddling little film I mentioned previously, called UFO: Target Earth (1974). Well, what I didn't mention then was that about half-way through the film this scene happens:

Now, what first got me was the music. Right off the bat, that tune, "Country Love" caught my ear. Probably because I can't believe anyone would let themselves be recorded singing like that. Second, the lyrics. Let's review:
I wish I had a hundred dollar bill
Just one for ever'day
I would spend them all aw'my true love
But their not send her away
Cause it's that Country Love
Country Love, get while you can
It's only Saturday Night in the country, boy
And it's Christmas everyday for the city man.
Those people pretending to act are yapping over this classic song, so that's as close as I can get the lyrics. There's something in there like "Whatchu going do when the well runs dry?" But that's enough for our discussion, which is: This Fucking Song Rules.

A hundred dollar bill. Really? Just a hundred dollar bill? That's all you wish for? I know, it's 1974. That's a lot of money back then. My little online inflation calculator says that $100 is about equal to $488 in 1974. But, still, not a $1K? Or a $1M? And I have no idea what "But their not send her away means." I mean, I might have heard it wrong, but take a listen, you tell me.

And why exactly is it Christmas everyday for the city man? Cause, as a city man lemme tell you: it's not Christmas everyday.

Now, after all that, this woman has an orgasm, which three onlooking dudes apparently can sense a mile away. They're just gawking at her! And let me state: I didn't edit this in the least. The music, the dudes gawking, the painful acting, the inexplicable orgasm, the little boy crying out for no reason, it's all just as it was presented in the film. I even kept the cut to the next scene in there just so y'all could see the craziness. 

Anyhow, enjoy. 

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