Thursday, January 31, 2013

'The Directors' - Conversations from a Boy-Hole

Curious that The Hollywood Reporter's round-table interview with 'The Directors' includes not a single woman. Mimi Leder? Kathryn Bigelow? Jane Campion? Sofia Coppola? Julie Taymor? A single A-List female director would have been nice. I don't know how much contrast that would have produced, but at times this conversation feels like a good ol' boys club, like bunch of dudes hanging out in a man-cave Boy-Hole. Sexist much Hollywood? Shocking! And all white dudes, but for Ang Lee. 

That being said, much of the conversation about work and art and time and motivation are pretty universal concepts, and pretty interesting to listen to/watch. And, of course, Tarantino steals the show by shouting, "I have to keep their dick hard!"

Check it:

Ps- note to Affleck, cause I know you're reading: tuning forks don't go out of tune. I know that wasn't your analogy, but I just want to point out to you that it's flawed and that you might not want to be associated with such fallacious ideas. Tuning forks don't go out of tune. That's the whole point of the tuning fork. That's why people use them. They stay in tune. They do, however, fade away...

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