Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mist Giant, False Rival - The Interview

It's the end of 2012 and the entire world, so we of Mist Giant thought we'd round out the year by releasing our third album, False Rival. It's up and free over at Bandcamp. Well, it's name-your-own-price, so if you just can't bring yourself to take it for free you can alleviate your conscience with PayPal or a major credit card.

To give a little taste of what's in store for listeners I went ahead and did a little interview with the album. Check it:

Mark Pantoja: Tell me a little about yourself.

False Rival: First, thanks for having me. Often people only talk to band members about albums and their music, completely ignoring us, the actual works of art, so, just, yeah, thanks for having me here.

MP: No problem.

FR: And a personal thanks, too, you know, for taking part in my creation.

MP: It was my pleasure.

FR: Right on. Okay, so yeah, I'm a eight track album, more of a EP really, but I think there's plenty of meat in me for people to really get into. I was recorded and mixed of at Studio SQ this summer and mastered by Bruce Leighton at Datastream. (Thanks guys, for helping to make me the album I am today!)

MP: Tell us about the recording process. Did you come into focus before recording, as a concept, or are you more a document of an organic studio process?

FR: Shit man, getting all wordy on me. Hell, I don't know, man, I'm just an album. You tell me. 

MP: Well, most of the material we had written and performed live for the last year, part of a third or fourth wave of live songs we put together. The first lead track, track two, Catch & Release, was written early summer, so it's actually the newest song on the album and kinda represents a new direction of open/organic song writing. That song more or less coalesced during the studio process.

FR: So, didn't have a concept for this album? For me?

MP: No, nothing as formal as that, other than our releases have tended to be the strongest songs we have at the time of recording, so they're, more or less, a snapshot of our musical maturity at that moment. So, what I'm saying is that you are so 2012. 

FR: Cool.

MP: Yeah. Okay, well, thanks for coming down.

FR: Thanks for having me.

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