Thursday, August 23, 2012

This Guy Lives Behind My House

Technically, I think it's a gal. But whatever the case, this badass spider has found a prime piece of real estate right above the pit of decay that is my compost bin. Many flies frequent this eatery.

I think it's some kind of orb-weaver spider (Orbiculariae, baby!), but I'm not certain. If anyone knows for sure, please come and school me.

It's been out back for about a month now. I discovered it by walking into its huge web during the day. Ever since then I've been always careful to check things out when I'm out there, make sure the unthinkable doesn't happen: walking into its web and the sucker hitching a ride. A few weeks back that's exactly what happened. Mike G. was there. I walked outside at night and screamed. Mike thought there was a little girl in trouble out back. I'd walked right into the web (she rebuilds it periodically, always in a different spot) and my little-huge friend ended up crawling across my face. Luckily no one died. And we got the spider to safety, back up near its tattered web.

Oh my!


  1. I'd walked right into the web... and my little-huge friend ended up crawling across my face.

    Blogspot won't let me comment with my reaction gif so here it is x___X