Thursday, August 16, 2012

If You Want To Know About The Future, Ask A Fifth Grader

Work, shop, research, play, talk, chat, watch. Yeah, those sounds like obvious/safe guesses of what the internet would be in ten years from the island of 1995, at least looking back from here. But do you even remember what the internet was like back then? Or rather, do you remember what society was like in regards to the internet in 1995? 56K Dial-Up anyone? IRC Chats? Bulletin Board Systems? Pictures took minutes to download. And videos? Forget it, just pixelated messes on a any consumer machine. Speaking of which: desktops. And AOL (oh jeez!). Oh, and the elite video gaming system, which was unveiled in November of 95 but didn't even go on sale until 96, was the Nintendo Ultra 64, which became the Nintendo 64. Anyhow, check out these fifth-graders in this time-capsule PSA from 1995 (recorded on VHS, I'm sure):

Perhaps 5th graders are in a perfect spot developmentally, still filled with imagination but with sophisticated analytical skills they can extrapolate future trends, and haven't yet been fenced in by hormones, high school, and social distractions, and still young enough they haven't become jaded by years of watching the Man crush hopes and dreams. Or maybe they got William Gibson to write their copy.

And cat food cupcakes? Are those for cats or for people? Oh right, it's 2012:

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