Wednesday, March 21, 2012

News: Soda and Fingers

Normally, I would blog about this, but the craziness of this story (severed kid fingers randomly found by a woman digging through the trash who thought they were ginger root, in a ziploc bag, to retain freshness) combined with a typo and some crazy quotes, I couldn't resist:

Yes, all those people without consciousness, all those (p) Zombies, have been hampering the investigation, drooling and growling over the phone.

Then add in the statement: "I was drinking soda, and I knew for a fact those were fingers when I seen the fingernails." I haven't seen the PLOSOne article yet, but apparently soda helps in severed body part identification, thus why she thought the fingers were ginger root UNTIL she sipped on a soda.

Finally, Sgt. Buffett of the Honolulu Police Department waxes some how one "normally" finds body parts. It's true, all the body parts I've ever found have still been attached to the rest of a body.

Truth: this really isn't funny, or a joke, but sometimes one has to point out the absurd in bizarre/grisly situations in order to deal with them. 

"Many questions remain."

Original article here.

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