Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Clarion West 2011 Publications

Here's a little line up of fiction put out by my Clarion West 2011 classmates, written up by the lovely belly dancing Jenni Moody over at her blog Dancing the Story Fantastic. Check out some of these tasty treats!

Corinne Duyvis
S.L. Gilbow
  • "Alarms." Lightspeed Magazine. 2012. 
  • "The Old Terrologist's Tale." The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. May/ June 2011.
Sarah Hirsch
  • "A Dancer for Aonou." Kaleidotrope. 2012.
  • "The Nightmare Eater." The Colored Lens. December 2011. 
Cassie Krahe
Jei D. Marcade
Jenni Moody
  • "In Miniature." River Oak Review. 2012. 
Jack Nicholls
  • Katherine Susannah Prichard Speculative Fiction Award, 2011.
Mark Pantoja
David Rees-Thomas
  • Reads "Kavar the Rat" by Thomas Owens, Pseudopod, Episode #249
  • Reads "Still Small Voice" by Ben Burgis, Podcastle, Episode #181
Maria Romasco-Moore
  • "Fisheye." Fish. Dagan Books. 2012.
Jeremy Sim
  • Octavia E. Butler Memorial Scholarship, 2011. 
Anne Toole
  • "The Red Bandit." The Digital Wall. 2012. 
    • Reprint of "Night in the Library". Originally published in Crossed Genres, February 2009Issue #3. 
  • "Accidents Happen" and "The Voices" for Me2. 2011.
Nick Tramdack
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