Wednesday, September 28, 2011

That's Nature! - The Riddle of the Sphinx: BJ's

Some point to opposable thumbs, some to bipedalism, and still others point to language as being a defining characteristic of human primates. But just like thumbs (Sulawesi Bear Cuscus), bipedalism (Birds!), and language (Ape Language: Koko, Nim Chimpsky) one of the last bastions of human exceptionalism is under attack: blowjobs. And from an unexpected critter: Bats.

Up until now, fellatio, or "blowjobs" (known to the layperson as "BJs"), were thought to be limited to humans and some greater primates, specifically Bonobos (Pan paniscus). That is until these guys came along:

This bat is suspected of sucking more than blood. Cynopterus sphynx, known commonly as the Greater Short Nose Fruit Bat, has, through painstaking scientific research and observation, been document giving the ol' mouth music.

Bat pairs that engaged in fellatio had a longer copulation time than non fellating pairs, by nearly 100 seconds. That correlation, along with the average copulation time with fellatio (220.29 seconds ±26.19 seconds), might finally prove that Bats have greater lasting power of your average human male.

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  1. Dammit, can't the animal kingdom let us have anything to ourselves? Here I've been blowjobbing everyone I could just to assert my humanity. Fuck.