Friday, April 8, 2011

I got in! Clarion West!

hey all. well, i got in. to Clarion West Writers Workshop, a six week intensive writers workshop for people trying to get into the Fantasy, Science, and Speculative Fiction industry, studying under Hugo and Nebula Award winning best selling authors of genre bending fiction.

i'm pretty pumped about this, and about my classmates, some of whose work i've perused: very impressive stuff.

so, in order to make this happen (it's not a cheap workshop) i'm trying to offset some of the travel and workshop costs by self-publishing the best work that comes out of this workshop. here:

this is essentially a win-win cause I get your support, and you get a book!

at any rate, even if you can't support, that's okay, you can check out, read, and comment on my work as it's published up on this site.

thanks all!

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